Mark IV Spaceplane System

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This part pack adds a new lifting-body fuselage system for aircraft. It's designed to fit 2.5m parts in a cargo bay. The parts are done in a stockalike style and I've attempted to be as close to Porkjet's Mk2 parts as I can. Enjoy! All the parts have lift ratings, and seem relatively balanced. Appreciate input from experienced spaceplane builders on exact numbers. 

Though not included, you should install RasterPropMonitor to get the full cockpit experience. I did my best without it, but static MFDs just aren't awesome. 

Tech Tree:
The parts in this pack are placed primarily in the Heavy Aerodynamics, Experimental Aerodynamics and Aerospace Tech tree.

FAR/NEAR Support:
As I don't personally use FAR or NEAR, I don't have a handle on the full flight characteristics of the parts in these mods. Community members have contributed information, so there is an included ModuleManager patch that should get things to work. I am open to changing this if stuff is missing. 

Known Issues:

  • Under angle snap mode, wings will not fit correctly on the wing mounts
  • IVA for the crew cabin is quite in-progress

Future Plans:

  • Double-length versions of the LF and LF+O fuselages
  • Double-length cargo bay
  • High-visibility cockpit
  • C5-style nose cargo bay
  • More adapters
  • 2.5m dual-mode engine
  • More detail in the cockpit IVA
  • A completed crew cabin IVA

If you appreciate this project, please consider contributing to my caffeine addiction! I really appreciate it, and also helps justify this time sink to my wife , which results directly in more models. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm missing some parts. What's up?
A: To save memory space, some of the parts share texture space. They are very sensitive to where the folder is placed. It's essential that the GameData folder in the zip be dropped straight into the KSP root directory, and that no folder names be changed. 

Q: Is it Thunderbird 2?
A: Yup.

Q: I don't like the bumps on the side of the fuselage! Make them go away!
A: No. 

Q: OMGWTFBBQ that huge cargo tail texture is like mostly blank!
A: Yeah, for now. Don't worry, it's laid out for future parts.