Near Future Aeronautics

68,953 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 29, 2020 Game Version: 1.11.0

This pack contains large and powerful aerospace parts, such as jet engines, intakes, and nacelles. It was preciously part of the MkIV Spaceplane system but has been split off. 

  • Large Multimode Engines: Big (2.5m), powerful RAPIER-like engines for your wildest spaceplane needs.
  • Large Jet Engines: Hefty 2.5m engines - turbofans and turbojets for big aircraft.
  • Advanced Propeller Engines: Super-efficient low speed propfans and turboprops.
  • Lift Fans: Designed specifically for efficient VTOL and available in many sizes, these engines can run on LiquidFuel and air, or be driven electrically for flight in oxygenless atmospheres.
  • Nuclear Jet Engines: Massive, rewarding engines that let you fly almost forever!
  • Large Nacelles and Intakes: Of course, 2.5m nacelles, engine pods, precoolers and advanced intakes to help out.


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