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This part pack is designed to provide some new nuclear thermal rockets for your spaceship-building pleasure. There are four new engines, two in the 2.5m size class and two in the 1.25m size class. They are fuelled with LiquidHydrogen, and in some cases can use Oxidizer to boost their thrust at the cost of specific impulse. Liquid Hydrogen is less dense than liquid fuel, so for the same Delta-V, you will need more tank volume. 


To store your liquid hydrogen fuels, I've provided ModuleManager/InterstellarFuelSwitch configs that allow you to change the contents of stock tanks between LF/O, LH2/O, LF, O and LH2. These should work with most mod tanks, but no promises. However, Liquid Hydrogen is very temperamental and without the proper storage it will slowly evaporate ("boil off"). Therefore, I provide special cryogenic tanks bundled with the mod, that use a small amount of Electric Charge to stop the evaporation.


This mod is designed to synergize well with Cryogenic Engine 0.2.0+, and with the various Near Future Technologies mods I make.


Known Issues:

Future Plans:

  • More work on engine FX
  • Tighter integration with Near Future Electrical

Recent Changes (0.1.0, historical changelogs are included in the download):

  • Initial Release

Tech Tree:

This pack is compatible with the 2.1+ release of the Community Tech Tree. When this version is released, the mod parts will automatically be placed in the correct nodes (high-tier nuclear rocketry). These parts appear in the stock tree in a giant blob at Nuclear Propulsion

License Info:

This mod redistributes two other mods:

Module Manager (v2.6.6) is distributed under its own licence (CC-SA). Please find source code and more details at https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager


InterstellarFuelSwitch is distributed under its own licence (CC-SA-NC). Please find source code and more details at https://github.com/sswelm/KSPInterstellar/tree/master/FuelSwitch


Source for the included plugin can be found at my GitHub page under CryoTanks and DeployableEngines