KEAM - Kerbal Expandable Activity Module

1,698 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 2, 2017 Game Version: 1.3.1

Kerbal Expandable Activity Module Release 1.0


This is a re-creation of the BEAM module from Bigelow Aerospace.

The KEAM module is, at stock scale, 1.25-meters. As such, it will fit with any 1.25-meter docking port you wish to attach to it.

The module fits stowed into any 2-meter payload pay by both upper and lower attachment nodes. 

This is an animated inflating/expanding module. Do NOT attempt inflation/expansion while anything is still attached to the bottom node. 

The bottom node is only there for payload stowage purposes.




Inflatable habitat with capacity for one Kerbal

4x Unique Science Experiments

  • Distributed Impact Detection System
  • Deployment Dynamic Sensors
  • Wireless Temperature Sensors
  • Radiation Environment Monitor

Kerbal Inventory System Storage Space Compatibility

Connected Living Space Compatibility

Tweakscale Compatibility



K.E.A.M is 100% dependent upon Textures Unlimited by Shadowmage (Not Included.)

Please download and install Textures Unlimited before attempting to load K.E.A.M.

Textures Unlimited forum link:





Extract the contents of the GameData folder to your GameData folder. Structure should then read GameData\KEAM


Optional Connected Living Space Compatibility Installation:


Place the file KEAM-CLS.cfg inside the OptionalConfigs folder into the GameData\KEAM directory


Optional Tweakscale Compatibility Installation:


Place the file KEAM-tweakscale.cfg inside the OptionalConfigs folder into the GameData\KEAM directory


K.E.A.M. is also compatible with Kerbal Inventory System as well as Kerbal Attachment system.

Please visit their respective websites to download those add-ons or acquire via CKAN / Spacedock / Curseforg.





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