Reinforced Structure Tier

Introducing the formidable Reinforced Structures Tier – a pinnacle of architectural resilience that transcends the conventional strength of metal, yet precedes the technological marvels of Tek. With an imposing health pool and an unparalleled damage resistance compared to standard Metal structures, this tier stands as an impregnable fortress against the relentless challenges of the Ark Survival Ascended world.

While the crafting cost may tip the scale slightly higher than its metallic predecessor, the assurance of unmatched protection is a testament to its worth. But this tier is more than just sheer brawn; it incorporates built-in, powered lights that elevate both functionality and aesthetics.

Illuminate your domain with the Reinforced Lighted Ceiling, casting a radiant glow across your base even during the darkest hours. The Reinforced Lighted Wall boasts four distinct variations, allowing you to tailor your lighting setup to perfection. Reinforced Double Lighted Walls allow for a wide variety of configuration to illuminate any base set up.

Want to use elevators but hate how slow they are? The Reinforced elevators can traverse 12 walls high in less than 4 seconds! With no weight limit, you can move your dinos, and all of the resources they harvest vertically with ease! These elevators have the large health pool and damage resistance as all the other structures in this mod. (both the speed and weigh limit can be adjusted in the gameUserSettings.ini See the configurations below)

For anyone who wants to have a farm without the concern of it getting wrecked by some troll on a Pteranodon, I have added Reinforced Greenhouse Structures! Each piece boasts 15,000 health and has the same great damage resistance to place them firmly in the Reinforced family!

Currently encompassing essential structure pieces such as Wall, Ceiling, Foundation, Pillar, Door Frame, Door, Tall Door Frame, Double Door Frame, and Lighted Ceiling and Wall, as well as the newly added Dino Gate, Behemoth Gate, this tier caters to the discerning survivor's needs.

Anticipate the arrival of future Reinforced Structure Pieces, including Cellar Door, Medium Base Wall, and Large Base Wall. Designed to match the size and height of their gate counterparts, these forthcoming additions promise to fortify your base with an unprecedented level of security.

Update for painting the lights: The light that is emitted from the light bar can be painted by applying dye to color region 3. However, the light bar itself does not change color at this time.

For more information or for support, please join me on discord at http://discord.gg/xCRaTQu8MH


To make changes to the configuration of the mod, the section heading and command line must be typed exactly as shown into the GameUserSettings.ini (Default values shown below, change the values to your desired settings)




ElevatorSpeed cannot be set below 0. MaxCarryWeight must be 101 or higher.