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New Dino Cloner

Introducing the revolutionary New Dino Cloner!! Dive into a new level of creature management with the groundbreaking Scanning Darts. Crafted at your fabricator, these darts unlock a realm of possibilities as you scan any tamed dinosaurs onto Dino Cartridges using a standard longneck rifle. Once scanned, simply insert the cartridge into the compact and efficient Dino Printer, where you can effortlessly print multiple copies of your scanned creatures onto cryo pods.

Gone are the days of cumbersome cloning processes. Our Dino Printer boasts a sleek design, fitting snugly into any base with its compact 1-foundation width and minimal height. Say goodbye to long wait times as well; where the vanilla Tek Cloning Chamber once required hours upon hours to replicate a single creature, our Dino Printer slashes those times dramatically. For instance, a 225 Parasaur that once took over 17 hours in the Tek Cloning Chamber now materializes in just 2.5 hours.

The true innovation lies within the Dino Cartridge itself, which neatly encapsulates all the vital data of your creatures into a portable package. However, like any valuable data, it requires proper care. Without protection in a Cartridge Locker, its lifespan diminishes rapidly, potentially decaying within as little as 3 days. Yet, with the foresight to store it in a Cartridge Locker, this lifespan extends by a factor of 10, safeguarding your precious data for up to 30 days. Even in the event of losing the original creature, fear not; a copy can always be retrieved from the cartridge, ensuring your adventures in Ark Survival Ascended remain uninterrupted.

Cartridge Locker unlocked at level 50

Scanning Darts unlocked at level 96.

Dino Printer unlocked after any Boss Fight, and located in the tek section of the engram list.

Thank you to Kjasi for help with some of the coding, and for the help on the model. Also thank you Quellcrest putting up with all of my annoying questions about the code and for helping guide and teach me through the rough patches. I couldn't have done it without either of you!

For more information, or to report bugs, please visit

This mod is functionally complete, but I plan to add config options in the coming days. I want all server owners to be able choose the options to customize this mod to suit your particular needs for your servers.