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KJ's Spoiling Station


This is a spoiling station, designed to preserve your spoiled meat, and convert various meats into spoiled meat rather quickly! Operates even faster when powered by a generator.

Future Plans

I am considering adding support for spoiling berries and vegetables into their associated seeds.


This mod is built into the KJ's ARK mod, and separated out for your convenience. You do not need this mod if you already have KJ's ARK installed.

INI Settings

These exist under the KJsArk header.

Station Values

  • SpoilingStation_CraftingSpeed: (Float, 1.0) - Scales the speed of all the recipes. Higher values = faster.
  • SpoilingStation_PoweredMultiplier: (Float, 10.0) - How much faster the station will operate when it has power. This is multiplied together with CraftingSpeed.


Quantity denotes how many of the item should be made, per crafting. CraftTime is how many seconds it takes to craft by default. CraftTime will be affected by the above CraftingSpeed and PoweredMultiplier modifiers.

  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawMeat_Quantity: (Integer, 1)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawMeat_CraftTime: (Float, 2.5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawFishMeat_Quantity: (Integer, 2)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawFishMeat_CraftTime: (Float, 3.5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawPrimeMeat_Quantity: (Integer, 4)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawPrimeMeat_CraftTime: (Float, 6)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawPrimeFishMeat_Quantity: (Integer, 5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawPrimeFishMeat_CraftTime: (Float, 6.5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawMutton_Quantity: (Integer, 7)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_RawMutton_CraftTime: (Float, 8.5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedMeat_Quantity: (Integer, 1)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedMeat_CraftTime: (Float, 1.5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedFishMeat_Quantity: (Integer, 2)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedFishMeat_CraftTime: (Float, 2.5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedPrimeMeat_Quantity: (Integer, 4)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedPrimeMeat_CraftTime: (Float, 5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedPrimeFishMeat_Quantity: (Integer, 5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedPrimeFishMeat_CraftTime: (Float, 5.5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedLambChops_Quantity: (Integer, 7)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedLambChops_CraftTime: (Float, 7.5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedMeatJerky_Quantity: (Integer, 15)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedMeatJerky_CraftTime: (Float, 14.5)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedPrimeMeatJerky_Quantity: (Integer, 20)
  • SpoilingStation_Recipe_CookedPrimeMeatJerky_CraftTime: (Float, 18.9)


I have to give a HUGE shout-out to the K.A.S server group. This is my home base for all things ARK, and my mods would not be possible without their support. Visit the K.A.S Discord for more info, and to sometimes see a glimpse of upcoming changes!