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Surprise Machines

Surprise Machines is basically a Gacha Machine for Ark! Currently the mod contains two distinctive structures: the Token Converter and the Dino Surprise Machine. The Token Converter is craftable by players and can be placed in their bases. The Token Converter facilitates the crafting of Tokens for the cost of resources, currently 100 Metal Ingots, but can be configured by a server admin. This allows players to manufacture Tokens unhindered, as long as they have the resources. These Tokens are the currency for the Surprise Machine.

The Surprise Machine is only able to be placed through admin commands. (see spawn command page) Place Tokens into the Surprise Machine to craft a Surprise Ball. Once in possession of the Surprise Ball, players simply need to release it in an open space, and boom...a randomly selected tamed dinosaur will spawn!

Future Surprise Machines include:

-Saddle Surprise Machine

-Armor Surprise Machine

-Weapons Surprise Machine

-Tools Surprise Machine

...and potentially more!

For more information or for support, please join me on discord at