Arkitect Structures Remastered

Arkitect Structures Remastered is a spiritual successor to my ASE structure mod called Arkitect Structures: Core. Like AS:C, this will be a pure structure mod. No fancy automated collectors, mutators, etc. Besides the automatic doors, the structure gun, and the paint sprayer, I have no plans to add anything other than basic building parts. Discord here: https://discord.gg/eKtGjpmvQn

Arkitect Structures Remastered is an "expanded vanilla" structure mod. It adds new structure parts such as steep and shallow roofs, and new cosmetic variants. In some cases it adds new snap points like stacking foundations and new functionality like automatic doors. For a full list of everything I've added so far, visit the Change Notes page here: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/arkitect-structures-remastered/pages/change-notes

You can also see some of the features on the Images page, or watch this video from Songbird covering her favorite 10 features of ASR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJy-FBBYC4o


Latest Update
Update 6 (Version 65)
  • Added Adobe tier including ASR specific parts like steep/shallow roofs, diagonal pillars, half pillars, half foundations, behemoth parts, etc.
  • Added double-sided variants to walls for Wood/Stone/Metal tiers
  • Fixed a placement issue with behemoth wall parts
Things to look forward to:

More INI options, parts, cosmetic variants, and snap points are planned. Triangle thatch parts, steep and shallow thatch roof parts, more types of roof parts, and so on. If you want an idea of what to look forward to, go look up Arkitect Structures: Core on the Steam Workshop.

This mod is WIP. Please be aware that not all parts have been implemented yet and the names on the parts may not reflect the current status.


All ASR Structure parts except the Tek tier are crafted in the ASR Crafting Bench, which can be unlocked at level 4. The vanilla Tek Replicator can craft all ASR parts including Tek tier. Each Tier (Thatch, Wood, Stone, Greenhouse, Metal, Tek) is learned with a single engram. So if you learn the "Metal Tek Tier" engram, you learn all the metal parts.

INI options for ASR go inside the GameUserSettings.ini file under the header: [ArkitectStructuresRemastered].

You can find all INI setting including explanations on the ASR pages on Curseforge: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/arkitect-structures-remastered/pages/ini-settings

More INI options, parts, snap points, and features are planned. If you want an idea of what to look forward to, go look up Arkitect Structures: Core on the Steam Workshop.

If you are looking for Spawn Codes used, there is a page on CurseForge. Please use with caution as they have NOT been tested: https://legacy.curseforge.com/ark-survival-ascended/mods/arkitect-structures-remastered/pages/spawn-codes


A word on the new “R menu” and variants:

The new "R menu" system is not the same as the variant system that existed in ASE (and continues to exist in ASA) and isn't meant to be used for cosmetic changes. When you press “R” to cycle through parts you are actually choosing completely separate structure parts, that have different snaps and everything.

The variant system in contrast is better for little cosmetic changes, like pillar thickness, wall styles, etc. You can't change a part after you've placed it but variants are chosen after you actually placed the part. Variants can also be changed using the structure gun.


Note: I added a lot of structures to the first release in preparation for the future. Some do not have any new features or variants yet. This mod is work in progress. A nice benefit of this is you can build with ASR parts right away, then later as variants and other features become available you will gain them automatically without having to rebuild as much.

There is a lot more stuff planned. I will be re-making a lot of stuff from my Arkitect Structures: Core mod, where they make sense at least. Arkitect Structures: Core was a structure mod on Steam Workshop that was made for classic Ark. There will very likely be new stuff that was never in my old Arkitect Structure mods.

I like to create new things that will enable my fellow Ark building enthusiasts to build things not possible with the base game, and bring quality of life changes to the building experience. I’m excited for the future of building in Ark Survival Ascended, and I hope my mod can bring even more enjoyment, both now and with future updates!

HUGE THANKS to my dedicated Testers: Eryn, Junoblade, Red Mustang, and Mythic_Kit! Y'all help more than you know!

Also thanks to Orionsun and the modding discord for helping me make sense of the new devkit and Curseforge mod system!

And as always, thanks to Eddychomps and MrRadioactiv for their help with materials!