ZoneInfo Classic

15,680 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 4, 2021 Game Version: 2.5.1

ZoneInfo Classic is an addon for WoW Burning Crusade Classic that displays various information on the World Map about the currently selected zone.


The following information can be displayed (as text):

- zone name, color-coded (friendly, neutral, hostile)

- zone level range, color-coded to indicate difficulty

- fishing skills if the zone supports fishing: minimum level to be able to fish, minimum level to be able to fish without get-aways and the current fishing skill of the character (color coded to indicate difficulty)

- road connections, color coded (friendly, contested, hostile)

- transport connections like boats, zeppelins and portals, color-coded (friendly, neutral, hostile)

- instances including group size and level range, color coded to indicate difficulty

- flight nodes, color-coded (friendly, neutral, hostile)

- herbs: required skill level, color-coded to indicate difficulty

- mining nodes: required skill level, color-coded to indicate difficulty


Other functionalities:

- minimize button

- optional background with adjustable transparency

- adjustable panel size

- configurable through the WoW Interface menu, allowing to configure the background (on/off, transparency), change the panel size and turn information categories on or off.

- all settings are saved per character

- global settings template which can be used to copy settings to other characters *new*


The information ZoneInfo displays on the World Map is localized.


WoW Retail

ZoneInfo is now available for WoW retail as well: 

ZoneInfo 2 on CurseForge

ZoneInfo 2 project page




ZoneInfo is powered by LibTourist Classic 1.0


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