Yes, Boss!

Last Updated: Aug 20, 2016 Game Version: 7.0.3


Nov 9, 2014

Owner: tzarc

Yes, Boss! is an addon which can be used to show encounter-specific notes, as well as notify if talents/glyphs need changing on a per-encounter basis.

Support for the following is available, per-encounter:

  • Globally-visible notes, visible for all characters;
  • Character-specific notes;
  • Notes, talents, glyphs, macros for each specialisation available to the current class.

Open the configuration through the slash-command /yb, or through the Interface options menu.

Syntax options for notes:

  • Colours: {blue} {green} {red} {yellow} {orange} {pink} {purple} {cyan} {teal}, reset colours with: {clear} {reset} {r}
  • Raid markers: {star} {circle} {diamond} {triangle} {moon} {square} {cross} {x} {skull} {rt1} {rt2} {rt3} {rt4} {rt5} {rt6} {rt7} {rt8}
  • Icons: {healthstone} {hs} {bloodlust} {bl} {lust} {heroism} {hero} {icon:????} (substitute ???? with the in-game icon, like INV_Misc_QuestionMark)
  • Roles: {tank} {healer} {heals} {heal} {damage} {dps}