582,627 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 13, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1

A simple AddOn that provides details about your leveling progress, tracking a variety of items required until you reach your next level.

 - Resurrected and updated to work with Shadowlands and Classic!

Tracks the following:

  • Mob kills and Quests.
  • Dungeon runs.
  • Battleground runs, as well as individual BG objectives.
  • Gathering professions, including Archaeology.
  • Pet Battles.

Display Options

  • A small, configurable window, showing averages needed to level, a mini XP bar, and a time-to-level estimate.
  • A "floating" message and/or a chat message can be shown when XP is gained, to show exactly how many more such gains are required to level.
  • A highly configurable LDB data-source, providing data to LDB front-end AddOns, such as TitanPanel and Fortress.


All of these display features can be configured via the configuration panel, which is accessible in the Interface/AddOns window, or simply by typing the commands: /xtl or /xtolevel

Language support

The AddOn now supports all the WoW clients, except Italian.

You can help improve the translations via the Localization tool at curseforge.com. All contributions are greatly appreciated!

Special thanks to all the translators:  - Trisquite/TAG Translations (Spanish)  - Queltos (Portuguese)  - Marcel and Axel (German)  - gyw920812 and zhTW (Trad. Chinese)  - Theerol and kim20 (Russian)  - atty0530 (Korean)  - carignou, Kanardator, lalrobin, tripollite, Djidiouf (French)  - Xyrec (Danish)

LDB Output Patterns

XToLevel provides a few built-in patterns for displaying it's data in LDB display AddOns.
However the patterns are highly configurable, so you can build your own pattern if you prefer.
See Custom LDB Patterns for details.


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