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XRP is yet another roleplaying profile addon, along the lines of the venerable FlagRSP or MyRolePlay. It was written entirely from scratch, originally designed to solve some shortcomings of existing roleplay profile addons, but still interact properly with all of them.

As its origin may imply, it's very compatible with other addons. It allows you to read roleplay profiles from other addons, and let those with a different addon read yours. In general, it's pretty compatible across-the-board, so far as roleplay profiles go, with certain minor features only showing up in addons that also support them (such as roleplay/custom class).

A few uncommon features of note:

  • An offline profile cache (storing others' profiles you've read).
  • Feedback on incoming profiles (displaying if it's being received or not).
  • An importer for profiles from MyRolePlay or TotalRP3 (so you don't have to rewrite everything just to try an addon).
  • Accurate form/equipment set tracking, including accurate tracking of Worgen/Human transformations.
  • Custom/roleplay class, compatible with TotalRP3's custom/roleplay class.
  • Clickable links in profiles -- click a link, copy/paste easily from the popup!
  • Extensive amounts of little details that aren't really obvious, but make things nicer. (Watch what happens to the save button as you edit a profile, for example!)
  • A substantial number of tweaks in the interface options. Definitely good to have a look through the options and see if there are any settings which tune things more to your liking! This includes: extra spacing lines in tooltip, indication in tooltip if someone targets you, movable profile viewer, detached/movable minimap button, guild ranks in tooltips, enabling/disabling roleplay names in various chat channels, ...)

Recently, work has been done to implement some limited crossrealm and crossfaction profile support in XRP. Currently only usable with other XRP users, profiles can be loaded from other XRP users on your list (crossrealm and crossfaction), and profiles from XRP users on other servers can be seen through crossrealm party or raid groups. This crossrealm/crossfaction is still somewhat experimental (the part is well-tested; the crossrealm group somewhat less so), so please report any issues you run into with it.

Please report issues on GitHub.

This addon is currently in maintenance mode and will only receive bugfixes in the near future. Feel free to message SolanyaStormbreaker on CurseForge (or Solanya#5014 on Discord) if you're interested in taking over its development.