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Nom-Nom-Nom errors!

This addon allows you to hide or block standard error messages that occur when you use skills or object. It's the red text in the middle of your screen that constantly annoys you with things like, "Your too far away!", "Not enough mana.", etc...


xanErrorDevourer gives you much more flexibility then many similar addons. You have the ability to specifically hide or unhide the errors you want to see. Many other addons just block them all entirely. So if you want to see specific errors then you can just uncheck it from the options panel.


This addon also gives you the ability to input your very own errors to block! That's right! If there is an error that I've forgotten to put, then you can go ahead and block it yourself.


NOTE: I've used the global variables that Blizzard uses to catch the errors. This means that it should be compatible with most languages. In the event this does not occur, then xanErrorDevourer does have a localization file. I will update this file as time passes.

Slash Command:

  • /xed = shows the xanErrorDevourer options window

What this addon gives you:

  • Ability to hide and unhide errors of your choosing.
  • Uses built in Blizzard global variables for support across multiple languages.
  • Simple and easy to use options panel.
  • Support for a localization file for future updates.
  • Create your own error messages you want to block.
  • Ability to delete custom error messages. (Click on the error and press the Remove button)

Options panel coloring scheme:

  • White Text = Global Blizzard error variables (cannot be deleted)
  • Light Green Text = Localized error variables (cannot be deleted)
  • Light Orange Text = Custom user inputted error variables (these can be deleted)




I'm disabling comments here. It's difficult to follow with so many addons on different wow addon websites.

Also because people keep posting bugs in the comments instead of issue tickets.







PLEASE report bugs at my  Github tracker