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INFO: BagSync tracks the items on your characters and displays the information in collective tooltips. In addition, BagSync also records things like your character professions, currency and gold. A search window is also provided in order to find items across all your characters.

BagSync has support for Cross-Realms and Battle.Net account characters.

NOTE: This addon is intended to work with any inventory or bag addon available.


  • LibDataBroker-1.1, (DataBroker). Has an LDB icon to open the BagSync Search window (Left-Click) or BagSync Tokens Window (Right-Click)


Supports the following localizations:


This addon shows item count information for the following:

  • Bags
  • Equipped
  • Bank
  • Reagent Bank
  • Guild Bank
  • Void Bank
  • Mailbox
  • Tokens/Currency
  • Auction House

Slash Commands:

  • /bgs or /bagsync
  • /bgs <itemname or search parameter> = will open the search window and perform a search with the information you provided. Example: /bgs ilvl==115 would show all items that are item level 115.
  • /bgs search = will open the search window
  • /bgs gold = Displays a tooltip with the amount of gold on each character.
  • /bgs currency = Displays the Currency window.
  • /bgs profiles = Displays the Profiles Window.
  • /bgs professions = Displays the Professions Window.
  • /bgs blacklist = Displays the Blacklist Window.
  • /bgs fixdb = Runs the database fix (FixDB) on BagSync. (see below for more details)
  • /bgs config = Brings up the BagSync configuration window.

Search Window:

  • Will display items that you search for within the BagSync Database
  • Has a scrollable list of items you can mouse over to see which of your characters has that particular item.
  • Can be access using the slash command for quick use.
  • You can link items in the search window by using SHIFT+CLICK
  • You can use the Dressing Room with items in the search window by using CTRL+CLICK
  • Support for custom search syntax. (See below)

Currency Window:

  • Will display your tokens/currency for all your characters.
  • Mouse over any of the tokens to find out which of your characters may have that particular token or currency.

Professions Window:

  • Will display your professions for all your characters.
  • You can view any of your characters professions simply by left clicking on it. Which will open the Recipes window, if the profession has stored recipes.

Recipes Window:

  • NOTE: This window is only accessible from the Professions window!
  • Displays a list of all the recipes for the selected profession.
  • You can link recipes by using SHIFT+CLICK

Profiles Window:

  • Allows you to delete old data for characters that are no longer available.
  • WARNING: I added a 'Delete' and 'Confirm' button for a reason! If you delete a profile by accident, there is nothing I can do to reverse this! This is action is irreversible!

Gold Tooltip:

  • A tooltip that will display the gold on all your characters.
  • You must have logged in the character at least once for the gold value to be displayed.
  • Can be displayed by the slash command: /bgs gold

BagSynx FixDB:

  • FixDB is a function that runs everytime there is a new version update. It removes all old and irrelevant data from the database. That way you don't have old information that isn't being used anymore taking up memory.
  • Removes obsolete character information
  • Removes obsolete guild information
  • Removes obsolete characters from tokens db
  • Removes obsolete profession information
  • NOTE: You DON'T really have to run this manually! If you really WANT to run it manually, use the /bgs fixdb command.

Minimap Button:

  • To move the minimap button, hold SHIFT and LEFT-CLICK drag the icon around.
  • Left-Click = BagSync Search Window
  • Right-Click = BagSync Tokens Window


  • Search Window
  • Currency Window
  • Profiles Window
  • Professions Window
  • Blacklist Window




Why does my auction house items not properly sync? Blizzard doesn't make it really easy to track Auction House items. It's rather difficult to track items as they can be sold, canceled, and won. Since it's an elaborate process it's best to check the Auction House regularly to update the data.

Why can I still search for items i've blacklisted? The blacklisting feature only prevents the item from being displayed in the tooltips. It still gets stored in the database for consistency.


Localization: English, Chinese, Russian, Taiwanese, French, Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese




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Please report bugs at GitHub. Github tracker.