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This is my personal modifications to the default blizzard chat frames. I really didn't want something as heavy as Prat installed to do a few things I needed. So I hand coded my own chat modifications.

I'm probably not going to make any major updates. However, if you have suggestions I may take it into consideration.

Use GitHub to report bugs. Github tracker.

What the mod gives you:

Enables stick channels for the following channels

  1. Say
  2. Party
  3. Raid
  4. Guild
  5. Officer
  6. Whisper
  7. Channel
  • Mousewheel control for scrolling
  • Hold CTRL while using the mousewheel to scroll ridiculously fast.
  • Hold ALT while using the mousewheel to scroll to the top or bottom of the chat window.
  • Automatically enables class colors on all chat windows and channels.
  • Option to hide/show the social chat buttons.
  • Option to hide/show the chat scroll buttons.
  • Option to enable/disable channel short names.
  • Option to move the edit box to the top or bottom.
  • Option to show or hide the chat tabs. (Will still show when you mouse over the chat frame.)
  • Removes the ALT key press requirement to move around in the edit box. You can now move just using the arrow keys.
  • Saves up to the last 40 lines you have typed in the edit box. You can use the UP and DOWN keys to navigate the history when the edit box is opened.
  • Removes the annoying Blizzard default alpha borders around the edit box when it's not being used. The borders will still show though when you use it and hide again when you are done.
  • Removes the guild loot gold messages and replaces them with the original ones.
  • Option to enable a Copy Chat Button, which will allow you to copy as much text from chat as you like.
  • Option to enable additional Player coloring in chat and even add Player Levels to their names.
  • Has built in URL support. Clickable URL links in the chat window.

Slash Commands:

  • /xanchat social - toggles the chat social buttons (ON/OFF)
  • /xanchat scroll - toggles the chat scroll buttons (ON/OFF)
  • /xanchat shortnames - toggles channel short names (ON/OFF)
  • /xanchat editbox - toggles the edit box to show (TOP/BOTTOM)
  • /xanchat tabs - toggles the chat tabs (ON/OFF)
  • /xanchat shadow - toggles text shadows for chat fonts (ON/OFF)
  • /xanchat voice - toggles the Blizzard voice chat buttons (ON/OFF)



I'm disabling comments here. It's difficult to follow with so many addons on different wow addon websites.

Also because people keep posting bugs in the comments instead of issue tickets.







PLEASE report bugs at my Github tracker.