Wyr3d's Icy Veins Stats Priorities - Classic

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Wyr3d's Icy Vein's Stats Priorities - Classic

PLEASE NOTE: Curseforge now has multi-version support, so please download the latest version from the main project. This project page will not be recieving updates.

I'll leave thread open, but please note than this project is now integrated into the main Project available hereFor conveinence, the integrated version will install into a different folder, so you can check it out and decide whether to make the switch or keep with the stand alone old version. Classic stats have not changes, just the GUI

A Classic specific version of my priorities addon, due to popular demand. Originally I didn't think Classic really needed this, but I kept getting requests and more so with the advent of TBC Classic, and I figured it would be easier to simply make a Classic version, and then update it for TBC - so here it is. Sorry for the delay, but hey at least you get both. This version is a one-off for Classic. Priorities are per class, rather than per class/spec as in Retail, since specs were in their infancy in TBC and little more than just a talent tree in Classic. 

Feedback regarding the add-on is most welcome. 



  • Pop-up window with Stat Priorities per character, based on character class and build.
  • Readme file about this mod


This add-on is current with the build recommendations at Icy-Veins.com as of 28th May 2021. Classic builds don't update, so this shouldn't be an issue.


Have fun kids.


Known Issues:


  • Add-ons which alter the default character sheet frame may cause the add-on to either display incorrectly, or not at all. Please contact the author of the conflicting add-on about a workaround if possible. (Works fine with ElvUI) (This may have been fixed. I don't use ElvUI though so I can't say for sure) < true for Retail, dunno what will happen with Classic.

    A LUA Error may pop-up (if you have an add-on that warns you) if you hearth, or portal with your char screen open. I blame Blizzard for this, as it's not on my end :P < also true for Retail, dunno about Classic

    Future Content:

    None most likely. This probably will never need an update.



- Special thanks to Warmexx_ of Armory fame, who helped with faultfinding when I'd pretty much just about given up on even releasing a Classic/TBC version XD


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