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WoW-Pro Guides

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This is our World of Warcraft: Shadowlands release, with support for every new zone, and continuing support for all the old zones.

WoW-Pro Guides is a set of addons which bring guides written by the WoW-Pro community since Cataclysm into both the Retail and Classic releases. The Classic release includes a version of the famous Jame's Leveling Guides back-ported to Classic, since they were written for BC and WoLK.

Currently, the only supplied module for the WoW-Pro add-on on Curse is the leveling guide module. The addon is designed to provide easy, streamlined questing and leveling in a completely customizable package. The Curse release does not have the Achievements, Dailies, Profession and World Events guide addons. Those can be found on our Discord in the #releases channel.

Note: We currently require either TomTom or Carbonite to also be installed.


  • Automatic detection of objective completion
  • Detect quest accept, completion and turn-in; Detect travel (in any form)
  • Detection of flight point discovery and Hearth point change
  • Conditionals based on player's class, race, gender, completed quests, and item possession
  • Highly customizable frame
  • Display many steps or only one; Step explanations can be displayed always or only show on tooltip
  • Text can be customized: font, color, and size can be changed; Spacing and padding of the guide window can be customized
  • Border and background texture can be changed or removed; Background color can be changed
  • Titlebar displaying zone and progress can be removed
  • Integrated quest tracker (can be disabled if desired); Integrated quest item, target and zone abilities buttons
  • Easily accessed view of entire guide and Sortable guide lists
  • Automatic mapping of coordinates with TomTom or Carbonite
  • LDB quick open/close button
  • Profile management for display settings


  • Bugs should be reported in Discord on the #open-a-ticket channel
  • Confused and just want to ask a quick question? Go to Discord on the #vanilla, #wolk, or #retail channel as appropriate
  • Want the latest full release? Go to Discord in the #releases channel
  • Comments posted here or issues on Github do not get regularly looked at!