Wind Dungeon Helper(WDH)

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⚔️ Introduction

Wind Dungeon Helper is a plugin designed for dungeon combats.
This plugin is aim to improve your skills and QoL.

💦 Features

Avoidable Damage (A fork of ElitismHelper)

This module will send a message including spell name after the player takes avoidable damage.

  • Customizable damage threshold.
  • Customizable announcement text.
  • Customizable announcement channel.
  • Generate the ranking after the dungeon once completed.
  • If you enabled compatible mode, it will be fully compatible with ElitismHelper.

Enemy Progress

Add percentage information on the tooltip for every enemy in the dungeon.

LFG Group Info

Add the class information of the members inside the group.

Quick Keystone

Put the keystone from bag automatically.

MDT Helper

Transelate the name of NPCs to fit your client language.

❤️ Credits

All credits