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It's not a cult but it's a cult. The addon displays a yellow X shape on your world map in the cult zones below. Stand in the PvP X. Contemplate the greatness of the X between arenas and battlegrounds, duel and world PvP within the X, launch a city attack if enough players. Together we will destroy each other. Join our World of Warcraft PvP community Discord and in-game guilds and communities, and riiiise.


Cult Zones



  • Northern Barrens, The Crossroads


Eastern Kingdoms

  • Redridge Mountains, Three Corners




1. Install the WarCult addon
for WoW Retail. Also highly recommend TopTarget for targeting assistance.

  • If war mode disabled, enable war mode in your faction's capital city.
  • Choose a cult zone from the list above and go on a pilgrimage to the zone.
  • Find the yellow X on the world map and stand within the area it marks, even better inside the lines of the X shape (see above image).
  • Fill the X with cultists and duel, or if possible WPvP, or contemplate the greatness of the X between arenas and battlegrounds.
  • Take screenshots and post them on our PVPXTV subreddit and your socials.

2. Join the official cult
within a community PVPXTV Discord server and unlock the Supreme role yellow X name icon.

3. Recruit more WoW players to the WarCult addon, PVPXTV Discord server, and PVPXTV subreddit.

4. Follow your cult leader
on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and join discussion on Reddit.

5. Obey
the community rules.



PVPXTV addons:


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