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Watch PVPXTV on TWITCH for World of Warcraft mayhem.

World of Warcraft streamer & addon author / Darksynth musician inspired by PvP in videogames. PVPXTV's World of Warcraft gameplay stream focuses on Balance Druid in Battlegrounds, WPvP, and the WarCult minigame addon.



WoW PvP Addon

TopTarget WoW PvP addon for targeting the top targeted enemy nameplate and target caller prioritization. Combine with the WarCult killing blows minigame for even more PvP fun and bonus points!

TopTarget is your targeting assistant. Addon highlights nameplate of your group's most targeted enemy player or NPC with a red cornered box. Target caller can use the addon to get visual feedback on group's targeting, and optionally highlight their own target as priority target via their raid marker. Non target callers in heat of battle can use the addon to target priority/same target.

Enemy nameplate icons individually enabled in addon settings:

  • Player target.
  • Most targeted.
  • Lowest HP targeted.
  • Lowest mana targeted.
  • Priority target.

When you target the top target, its hp should decrease faster, which can make more of your group target it and destroy it. Encourage other group members to install this addon for even faster target destruction. Potentially a massive advantage. Target the top target and destroy.

TopTarget is designed to complement other PVPXTV addons TopCombatVantageWarCult, Kingdam and HideNPC.



Icons for player target, most targeted enemy, only targeted enemy, lowest hp targeted enemy, lowest mana below 30% targeted enemy, and raid icon marked damager group member's priority target.

  • Requires enemy nameplates enabled in WoW's settings: Options > Game > Interface > Nameplates.
  • Enable the icons for your preferred situations and other adjustments in addon settings: Options > Addons > TopTarget.
  • Except for player target, you must be grouped in party or raid, and within spell range of group members and enemies.
  • The top/only and lowest hp/mana targeting is calculated based on your group's targets and excludes your own target.
  • If enemies are equally targeted, the lowest hp enemy is the top target.
  • Priority targeting ignores raid marked group healers and tanks, only raid marked group damagers are included in priority targeting.
  • If you're a raid marked damager you don't see your own priority target highlight, but you will see the highlight of another raid marked damager group member.
  • If multiple raid marked damager group members are at same location, only the highest raid mark is highlighted as priority target.
  • Combine TopTarget with TopCombat (PvP) to highlight enemy/group players to attack/cc or defend/assist.
  • Combine with Vantage (PvP) to see at a glance and hear group role status during combat.
  • Combine with WarCult, get killing blows in any PvP and sacrifice them at the X to earn levels.
  • Combine with Kingdam PvP damage meter minigame, crown yourself king (or queen) of damage.
  • Combine with HideNPC to hide non-player characters (NPC) on your minimap.
  • For WoW retail battlegrounds, arenas, world PvP & PvE, dungeons, raids, and scenarios.


WarCult PvP Minigame Integration

Optionally extend the TopTarget addon by installing WarCult - announces your killing blows and provides a minigame leveling system based on gaining points for killing blows. With TopTarget and WarCult installed, a killing blow on the top targeted enemy player most recently highlighted with a red cornered box gives bonus xp in WarCult.


TopTarget Demo

TopTarget is the red cornered box on enemy nameplates highlighting most targeted enemy. See image demos.
TopCombat is the purple icons on enemy nameplates and green icons on group nameplates highlighting players to attack/cc or defend/assist.
Vantage is the movable group role status frame to right of player unit frame. Optional warning voice alerts.
WarCult is the movable kill counter frame below player unit frame. Optional kb text and voice alerts.
Kingdam is the moveable percent number above player's unit frame portrait, displaying damage percent versus rival damager.
HideNPC is the hidden NPCs on minimap.


WoW PvP Discord

Choose a faction and join us in WoW for battlegrounds, arenas, duels, WPvP, wargames, and events. Join our cross faction PvP community WoW PVP Discord server. Follow the community owner and addon author on YouTube, Twitch and Twitter.



WoW PVP Addons

Target and destroy your enemies with PvP addons for World of Warcraft retail battlegrounds, arenas, and WPvP.

  • TopTarget - Highlights nameplate of your group’s most targeted enemy.
  • TopCombat - Highlights nameplate of enemy/group players to attack/cc or defend/assist.
  • Vantage - Displays group role status at a glance during combat.
  • WarCult - Killing blow alert and tracker minigame.
  • Kingdam - Damage meter PvP minigame.
  • HideNPC - Hide NPC blips on the minimap when using track humanoids.




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