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Vremon UI

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Vremon UI Dragonflight is a Blizzard Default Clean UI. It doesn’t enter in conflict with any other addons you have.

AddOn Settings Menu can be opened  by typing in GameChat  /vrm  


Thanks for the support and help : plusmouse SDPhantom Fizzlemizz Imedia

These are the options that the addon provide:

-Cleaned Target/Focus/Player Frames

-BlackGate Skin(recolor most of the interface and texture game to black)

-Hide Realm-Name on Nameplate Players Name

-Hide PlayerFrame Portrait Hit Indicator Damage/Healing Numbers received from players

-Hide UIError Red Text such as:You have no target etc.

-Hide Keybindings Name and Macros Name on ActionButtons

-Hide  Party Text above CompactPartyFrameTitle

-Hide Honor/Reputation/Xp Bar

-Disable Nameplates Transparency

-Disable Friendly Nameplates ClassColor

  friendly nameplates have same color which is purple so it’s not confused with enemy nameplates

-Enable Target of Target Repositioned, uncheck to get default blizzard position

- Enable to Modify Rows and Resize Buffs/Debuffs on Target/Focus Frame

  resized and the spacebetween number of BuffsDebuffs per first 2 rows to 4 

-Show for all Classes Highlight Border Buffs:Stealable/Dispellable/Purgeable

-Show ClassColored HealthBar for Target/Focus Frame

-Show ClassColored HealthBar for PlayerFrame

-Show Elite Dragon texture on Player/Target Frame

-Show Nameplates NameToIcon(Totems,Priest/Warlock/DeathKnight Pets,Warrior War Banner)

  important totems /pets/ objects have their icon showed instead of name to be more easily seen and killed

-Show Arena Nameplate Names as numbers in order(1,2,3) instead of enemy player name

-Show CompactCleanText Damage/Healing Numbers above Nameplates,uncheck for default

  rescaled Damage/Healing Done Combat Text position on Nameplates to be pleasant to play with

-Show ClassColor Reputation Background Name on Target/Focus Frame, uncheck to get default blizzard reputation color

-Show or Hide  Background Name ReputationTexture  on TargetFrame/Focus Frame/PlayerFrame

-Clean Loss of Control, that shows what CC you receive in middle of your screen

- Check Images to see the changes listed above and if you like them, try it out

- If you have any questions, help or suggestions, message me Vremon#21671 or

 Addon Menu Options