VoiceOver Sounds - Vanilla

VoiceOver Sounds - Vanilla

Important: Curse sometimes stops the download before it is complete. The zip should be about 1.1GB. If it's not, you can download it from the GitHub, which seems to be much more reliable: https://github.com/mrthinger/wow-voiceover/releases/latest

This addon is designed to work in conjunction with the base addon: VoiceOver. You must have the VoiceOver base addon installed for this to work.

VoiceOver Sounds - Vanilla includes voiceovers for Blizzard's Vanilla release of World of Warcraft.


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Known Missing Sounds

  • Voiceovers for non-playable races and most trolls
  • Voiceovers for items
  • Voiceovers for quest progress text
  • Gender specific voiceovers for NPCs that share the same NPC ID (orc female guards).
  • Thrall's voice is very funny. This is just how the AI interpreted it. We are going to improve it in the future.
  • Trolls do not have a Jamaican accent. They are not generated beyond the orc starting zone because of that. We will redo them eventually.