VoiceOver (Classic)


https://allvoice.ai - help make a unique AI voice for each NPC

You can easily create or rate a voice.

Once we have enough high rated voices I'll generate V2: Vanilla, TBC, Wrath.

I'm using all of the donations to pay for the AI so you can use the site for free. Making a voice requires a sign in to prevent abuse.

I need help maintaining the website. I was able to implement the minimum amount features for it to be usable, but there could be a lot done with displaying overall progress. All of the code is open source if you'd like to take on a challenging project: https://github.com/allvoice/allvoice-website

Plays high-quality AI-generated voices for NPCs.

Important: This addon is ONLY the player. Sound packs are now modular and must be downloaded separately.

Sound Packs

Note: Curse may occasionally fail to download the Sounds ZIP. If your sounds addon is less than ~1.1GB, the installation has failed. Manually download the zip from: https://github.com/mrthinger/wow-voiceover/releases/latest


To support the development of this addon or simply say thanks, please contribute by clicking the donate button.

Source Code

Find the code at: https://github.com/mrthinger/wow-voiceover