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This very lightweight addon will unmute sounds briefly when you get an invite (battleground, LFG tool, ...). So you can play with sounds disabled, but don't miss important events.



This addon even works with all sounds disabled: If "Enable sound" is off it will be briefly switched on. It also works with only SFX disabled ("Enable sound" on, but "Sound Effects" off). Furthermore, "Sound in Background" will also be switched on briefly.


Supported events that issue an audible warning are:


  • battleground and arena invite
  • dungeon finder tool invite
  • group/raid invite
  • duel request
  • ready check
  • getting a summon
  • pet battle invite
  • group invite request (e.g. from friend list)
  • new applicant from lfg tool is pending


There are no configurations for this addon. It should work with all localizations.