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Uploaded Oct 23, 2018
Game Version 8.0.1
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Changelog for version 1.4.1


  • Fixed an issue introduced by changes in recent versions of Kui Nameplates that would prevent this module from properly customizing nameplates.
  • Implemented a workaround for the issue where Total RP 3's customizations are not applied when the option to show player title in Kui Nameplates is enabled.

Changelog for version 1.4.0


  • Added option to actively query unknown players for their profile information. This option is enabled by default, and means that people's profiles will be download as you are wandering, and their RP name will now automatically appear above their head, without the need to place your cursor over them.
  • Added option to show OOC indicator in front of the player names (enabled by default)


  • Fixed some issues with names being displayed on wrong nameplates
  • Fixed an issue with nameplates resetting to an incorrect state.
  • Updated for patch 8.0.1.


  • Migrated locales management to new system in Total RP 3.

This version requires Total RP 3 version 1.4.3.

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