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This project attempts to re-create the blood-pools and player-made messages from Elden Ring within WoW Classic Era.

This is a fast-paced development passion project - please stay tuned and share with your friends!

Compatible with but does NOT require Hardcore add-on to work. Please support the Hardcore community.



Displays visit-able markers of deaths on your World Map zones. Markers older than 24 hours will be at 50% opacity.

Tombstones are stored globally, so they are visible across your Realms, and across your factions! Filter down to what you want to see.

Player's last words are automatically parsed and filtered to be only what you want to see and no fluff.


You can leave templated player-made messages, just like from Elden Ring, in World of Warcraft! These are called Engravings! Check it out: "/eng make".

Engravings are broadcasted and everyone online will see them and store them. When they visit the zone, an Engraving minimap icon will show and they can visit it to decode the Engraving and see the message!


As you walk around a zone, the Minimap will have a Tombstones icon will always point you to the nearest unvisited Tombstone, just like with Engravings.

Once you visit a Tombstone the icon will jump to the next nearest in the zone, if there is one. Engravings will do this too.


You can also CTRL+Click on their Tombstone marker to leave flowers at their gravesite. Or Alt+Click on the Tombstone to banish them to the Shadow Realm. When you leave flowers, everyone using Tombstones will see your flowers on the World Map for a short bit.

You can "/ts export" / "/ts import" Tombstones with your friends and stay up in sync.

You can also Shift+Click Tombstones from the World Map into your chatbox / editbox and share a link to your other friends using Tombstones!

If you CTRL+Click the minimap buttons you can initiate an in-game sync with others and, based on where you are in the world, receive the latest Tombstones or Engravings for that zone!


When you are walking over a Tombstone your screen begins to glow blue.

Stopping within the Tombstone glow will play a little animation and describe the fallen, how they fell, and their final message, atop your screen.

"/ts visiting info" will show you how many Tombstones you have visited in the zone and give a completion percentage.


Tombstones will display your World PvP death as "death by PvP"! This is an expansion beyond what the Hardcore and DeathLog add-ons provide today.

Additionally, you can opt not to broadcast the name of your killer via the Interface Options if you would rather avoid any shame.


There are also frames dedicated to providing information about the zone, its dangers, and flavor text emote messages for when there are many Tombstones nearby... 

Pure passive fun as your World Map fills up with gravesites.

Mankrik's Wife:

!T[Olgra 2102155200 16 1 2 3258 1413 0.4934 0.5035 "..."]



Tombstones does not require Hardcore add-on to work or report death. No ruleset imposed on you. You can opt-out of all Tombstones features you don't wish to partake in!

Pure fun you can take to any realm.



Tombstones are organized in a way that they only act / render per zone. You can store many many Tombstones before any issues arise; only real issue is rendering them.

- On an Intel i5 7600K, with 16GB DDR4 memory, and an Nidia GTX 1080 Ti, I was able to push about 4000 Tombstones per zone before ANY noticeable slowdown; that was at 50,000 Tombstones records in total. I was able to push to 200,000 Tombstones with degraded gameplay. The add-on is set to cap rendering at 3000 per zone; but the limit is configurable if you check "/ts usage".

- You can always "/ts prune" to clean the Tombstones down to what filters you have set and keep things tidy.





Check Interface Options page for service options - otherwise for features...

"/ts" in-game to see usage options and settings for Tombstones. "/ts usage" for advanced and experimental settings.

"/eng" in-game to see usage options and settings for Engravings. "/eng usage" for advanced and experimental settings.