TLDR Missions

125,910 Downloads Last Updated: May 15, 2022 Game Version: 9.2.0  

TLDRMissions automates your Covenants Mission Table. It is entirely rewards focused; select the type of rewards you want from missions, in order of what is most important to you, and leave it to TLDRMissions to arrange your followers and troops across those missions for you.


If you want to micro-manage specific missions, this addon is not for you. I don't care which missions and which followers... TL;DR!!


This addon aims to only send out missions that will guarantee success. It does this by internally predicting what the final combat log will be. I had to create this simulator from scratch, and as I am just a single developer with limited covenant/follower access, there is likely to still be mistakes in its simulation. If a mission fails, send me your Combat Log so I can find the problem and fix it. Instructions are in the Issues link above.