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M+ Adventure Guide

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As of Dragonflight patch 10.1, this addon has a new purpose: adds various small Quality of Life improvements to the Encounter Journal and Mythic+ UI.


- Shows the Loot Tab on the Encounter Journal when Dragonflight is selected

- Shows the highest item level you have ever equipped when mousing over an equipped item on your character sheet

- Shows the highest fortified/tyrannical key you have done depending on whether the current week is a fortified or tyrannical week

- Shows the potential upgrade range for Dragonflight Season 2 items that can be upgraded, eg: Hero (428-441)

- When mousing over the M+ details for what you have completed this season, if you have unlocked that dungeons teleport button, provides the button. Can also provide alternative teleports for the next-nearest place you can teleport to, if you do not have it yet. Eg: if you have not earned the Brackenhide Hollow teleport, it can show the Azure Vault teleport instead if you have it.




A relatively light addon that adds an extra Drop Down option to the Encounter Journal, to pick Season 4 as your "Expansion". You can then see the 8 Mythic+ dungeons from Season 4 in one place!


In order to show higher level versions of the loot, it makes some minor changes to Blizzards functions. When you're done looking at the loot, for smooth gameplay, you may want to /reload before you go off to do other stuff. To minimise changes to Blizzards functions, expect some oddities from the Drop Down Menu like seeing two options selected. The background will stay as the last expansion you selected. Etc.