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A quick and easy repeatable task list!

Forgetting which dailies you still need to do each day? Can't remember if you ran that raid before or after the server reset? Not sure what holiday achievements you still need to finish? Got a list of custom things you want to do in WoW? Taskmaster is for you!

Taskmaster is a fully featured task tracker that allows you to create multiple lists, edit lists on the fly, automatically check things off from lists, create repeating tasks such as dailies and weeklies, and easily add items to the list which are linked with in game data such as quests, achievements, gear, and collectables. Manually check off tasks or set conditions for automatic task completion.


  • Multiple lists
  • Import and export lists to make sharing easy
  • DataBroker integration (titan panel etc)
  • TomTom integration (automatically and via right click)
  • Standalone frame or integrate into quest tracker
  • As with quest tracker, can choose tasks to track or untrack at any point in time
  • Can choose number of tasks to show at a time out of tracked tasks
  • Follow up tasks which only appear after previous task has been completed (primarily used for auto-generated tasks such as quest tasks)
  • Task lists can link to another task list, to be loaded after the first list is completed.

Task Types:

  • Custom - completely customisable name, icon, click function, repeatability, and completion conditions. All other task types can also be customised in this way, but have their special defaults.
  • Quest - Supports normal, daily, and weekly quests. Icon indicates quest step. Creates follow-up tasks for each step of the quest. Autocompletes when each step is completed. Links to quest on click. Auto-maps coordinates for each step via TomTom.
  • Achievement - Autocompletes when the achievement has been completed. Links to achievement on click.
  • Item - Autocompletes when the item has been obtained. Links to tooltip for the item
  • Boss Kill - Autocompletes when the boss has been killed this week. Defaults to weekly repeating. Links to dungeon journal entry on click.


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