Summon Random Favorite Mount


Summon Random Favorite Mount

Description: Summon Random Favorite Mount brings a popular feature from Retail WoW into the Classic experience. In Retail, players can easily summon a random favorite mount with the click of a button. This addon allows you to enjoy the same convenience in Classic WoW.


  • Adds a button labeled "Summon Random Favorite Mount" with a matching icon to the MountJournal in Classic WoW.
  • Click the button to summon a random favorite mount, just like in Retail.
  • Designed specifically for Classic WoW, compatible with the Cataclysm expansion.


  • Open the MountJournal in the game.
  • The button should appear next to the search field.
  • Click on the button to summon a random favorite mount.

Summon Random Favorite Mount makes it easy to summon your favorite mounts randomly in Classic WoW, just like in Retail. Enjoy the convenience of quickly summoning your favorite ride!