Classic Character Stats


The "Classic Character Stats" addon is  essential for anyone who wants to enjoy the complete character statistics in World of Warcraft. With the Classic Cataclysm Pre Patch 4.4.0, this information has disappeared on the German client and is only available on the English client. This addon restores the full character statistics, so players who play in German no longer have to miss out on this vital data.



  1. Complete Character Statistics: Displays all essential character statistics, including Stamina, Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and much more.

  2. Equipment Manager: Seamlessly manage your gear sets with the built-in Equipment Manager feature. Easily save and switch between your equipment sets for different situations, whether it's for raiding, PvP, or questing.

  3. Titles: Choose your character's title with ease using the Titles feature. Select from a wide range of titles earned through achievements, reputations, or in-game events to personalize your character's identity.

  4. Compatibility: Compatible with all major addons and interface modifications. It does not affect the performance of other addons and seamlessly integrates into the WoW interface.

  5. Easy Installation and Usage: The addon is simple to install and requires no complicated settings. Once activated, the full character statistics will be displayed automatically.

With the "Classic Character Stats" addon, you can regain full control over your character's statistics and solidify your gaming strategy. No longer do you need to switch to the English client to access this crucial information – this addon brings it right back to your German client!