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Supported Versions: Retail, Classic

SmartQuest gives you the ability to monitor your party members' quest progress and objectives in real time. It will also provide you with a series of distinctive sound alerts when various questing events occur (see below).

Note: Smart Quest will only be able to monitor the objectives of other players if they're running the mod as well.

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  • Group quest monitoring and notifications
    • A group member picks up a quest
    • A group member makes progress towards an objective
    • A group member completes an objective
    • A group member completes a quest
    • A group member fails a quest
  • Distinctive sound alerts
    • You make progress towards an objective
    • You complete an objective
    • You complete a quest
    • You fail a quest
    • A group member does any of the above (different sounds)

Slash Commands

/sq - Help Menu
/sq options - Set configuration options


Default configuration has monitoring and sounds turned on. Profiles are configured by character, not by account.

Dev Notes

This was a mod I shared with my friends to help each other with questing and leveling. I'm now sharing with the general public in hopes of developing the mod further. If you have any feature suggestions, please let me know!