Slave Girl

6,897 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 24, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5

Multi-Boxing Assistance Mod

Slave Girl is designed to assist two-boxing or multi-boxing. Several features of the mod are designed to go dormant when the master or slaves are not present in the group, eliminating the need to disable the mod when you're not multi-boxing.


  • Auto-share quests with slaves
  • Auto-accept and auto-complete quests
  • Auto-leave groups when the master leaves
  • Auto-accept role requests and hide LFG confirmations
  • Monitor error messages from slaves
  • Audio cues for when your slaves start or stop following
  • Audio cues for when your slaves are low on health or mana

Slash Commands

/sg - Help Menu
/sg options - Set configuration options
/sg master - Set target as your master
/sg follow - Macro this command to have the character follow the target, using this command helps with better audio cues


Install this mod on your master control computer as well as your slave computers. Options are configured by character, not by account.

It is highly recommended to use this mod with Smart Quest and Smart Error for better multi-boxing support.


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