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SlashFour LFG: The Classic Group Finder

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Screenshot of SlashFour's main interface

SlashFour LFG
No-bullshit LFG made for Classic

Upgrade LookingForGroup

No boosts
No spam
No waiting
No noise

Forget your un-Classic LFG addons

No bloat
No complication
No queues, requests, groups, roles

SlashFour LFG is


You should

Download SlashFour LFG
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SlashFour LFG proudly supports

Classic Hardcore
Classic Era
Burning Crusade Classic

Wrath of the Lich King Classic is not supported.


SlashFour LFG gives you an instant overview of what people are looking for in common chat channels.

SlashFour LFG is for Classic, and for this reason SlashFour LFG does not reduce players to dungeons, groups or roles. SlashFour LFG focuses on the social part of looking for people to play with, by simply presenting chat messages to you in a much more productive way—the rest is up to you.

No queues, no requests, no groups, no roles. For Classic these things are over-engineered. All you need is a smarter chat interface.

SlashFour LFG is tasteful, powerful and incredibly convenient & easy to use. You'll pick it up straight away and there's nothing you need to learn—it works just like normal chat. You'll love it.

Some highlights:

  • Don't drown in spam, boosts, and an overwhelming stream of incoming messages
  • Quickly see at-a-glance which dungeons people are actively looking for
  • Start to whisper and invite people straight away. SlashFour keeps a short history of recent messages so you don't miss any or have to wait for messages to come in
  • No spam or repetition. Only players' most recent message is shown in the list
  • Filter out even more noise by selecting only the dungeons you want to see messages for (see Images)
  • Click & right-click players like normal chat, and mouseover messages for more information about the player, including their previous messages

SlashFour LFG is also very extensible under-the-hood: While its functionality certainly improves looking for groups, it's capable of much more. Updates to come.

If you end up liking SlashFour LFG, you can support me on Patreon.


You can set the keybinding under "SlashFour LFG". A good one is "I" (capital i).
You can also open SlashFour LFG by typing /four or /lfg (yes, this will conflict with other addons that use this command).

A minimap button is on the way.


See the Known Issues page.

The current version does not have localization features yet, but this is my top priority at the moment. There are also some bugs, but SlashFour LFG is already so useful that I wanted to release it sooner rather than later.

For more discussion about the addon, you can check out the Reddit thread on /r/classicwow.


Donating on Patreon is the quickest way to support development of SlashFour LFG.
Only unsolicited donations are accepted and my addons and updates will always be free to download and free to use.

Regards and happy gaming!


Do not use the comments for reporting BUGS & ERRORS.
Use the Issues section instead, and create a New Issue.
Anything else is welcome in the comments! :)