Skill Helper

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I have left wow, this is no longer under support. Inquire if seriously want to maintain. 


Report bugs and issues at https://github.com/lownignitus/SkillHelper/issues

 Suggestions or Input for Author? Contact via https://twitter.com/lownignitus


is an add on that was developed to track skill progression. It will alert you when training is required to increase your cap so you don't waste time picking herbs or mining nodes without knowing you aren't getting skill points (among other skills as well to prevent the waste of mats). The addon has its own action buttons that relate to each skill so that you don't have to clutter your action bars or open the profession window to access these. There is a toggleable frame for 1 click Skill Links, allowing you to link a skill without opening the crafting frame. There are buttons for hiding the SH addon, toggling the frame lock, opening the Links frame, and opening the Spellbook Professions tab with 1 click. A Mini Map Icon was implemented to perform all slash command actions, but the slash commands are still available:

Skill Helper Slash Commands

  • type /SHelper toggle to toggle the addon hidden state
  • type /SHelper lock to toggle locking
  • type /SHelper links to toggle the Skill Links frame
  • type /SHelper reset to reset to default position
  • type /SHelper mmtoggle to toggle the minimap button on/off
  • type /SHelper options to open addon options
  • type /SHelper info to view current build information

General Options for Mouseover, Mouseover Alpha, Minimap toggle, and AddOn Scale have been added.

Future development for Skill Helper is still under way. Some features that are planned to be implemented include, but are not limited to:

  • Skill guides to assist in most efficient paths to leveling your trade skills
  • Skill guides to provide path maps and zone suggestions for leveling gathering skills
  • Code optimization

I only ask you to be patient as I have a wife, college, activities outside game that demand attention, and 13 100's in my raiding guild. Skill Helper is being worked on actively, but nothing is completed to a point of satisfaction to pass through my own standards.