67,427 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 20, 2014 Game Version: 6.0.2


Is a lightweight addon designed to replace the default Blizzard Alternate Power Bar.
It will automatically show or hide when needed.


  • Use the clean SimplePowerBar or enable the default Blizzard frame if you so desire.
  • Customizable placement and sizing. Drag and drop placement or exact.
  • Horizontal or vertical statusbar orientation.
  • Customizable coloring for everything as well as optional color fading or class coloring.
  • Additional text options for labeling and percentages.
  • Shared Media support (fonts / statusbar / background / border).
  • All new test mode!

Slash Commands:

  • '/spb' Opens options window.
  • '/spb lock' Toggles frame locking.
  • '/spb blizz' Toggles between SimplePowerBar and the default Blizzard frame.
  • '/spb fade' Toggles color fading.
  • '/spb test' Toggles the test mode.
  • '/spb debug' Displays event messages.
  • '/spb about' Shows about information.
  • '/spb help' Shows slash commands.

Work in progress:

  • Support for AlternatePowerTimers.