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Compares your equipped and new item in order to find your estimated DPS increase or decrease. Calculations are done based on a 5minute fight with bloodlust usage. Brewmaster only.


  • Similar results to 100k iteration SimulationCraft sims. Average difference of 0.03%-0.08% at worst.
  • Rotation
    • Currently has support for the 3TP BoC rotation only. Check the BoC dps rotation section for more info.
    • Can be used with 2tp or ED/HT, but haste will be under- or overvalued.
  • Enchants & Consumables
    • When comparing items with enchants on them (cloak/rings) the calculation will assume the new item to have the same enchant.
    • Now uses an agility flask/food/rune to match SimulationCraft.
  • Basic trinket support
    • Only the stats on a trinket are considered. Any item upgrade percentages when wearing a trinket with an effect may differ from SimulationCraft.

Planned features

  • Rotation
    • Proper 2TP support and improved haste value calculations.
  • Item bonuses support
    • Legendaries' effect on dps.
    • Item set bonuses that increase dps, e.g. Jacin's Ruse.
    • Items with bonuses, e.g. Stabilized Energy Pendant.
  • Enchants & Consumables
    • Combat potion support when calculating dps differences.
    • Hidden satyr neck enchant support when calculating dps differences.
  • Relics
    • Gifted Student support.
  • Gems
    • Gem support for non-English clients.


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