Fugg :DD

189 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 21, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5

Transforms your text so you can pretend to be an idiot without any effort.

Example translations:

  • I'm a DemonHunter.  --> Im a DemonHunder :DD
  • Anyone up for raid? --> Anyone ub for raid?
  • fuck I died. --> fugg I died :DD
  • No! I too hab broved my wordxdd Odyn! I am dog-kign Skobald! Dese mortalz dare nod challenke my claim to de aegis! If dese falze chambionz will nod yield de aegis by choige den dey will surrender id in dead! Gibe ub de aegis or die!

There are four options for disabling/enabling the translations:

  •  /fugg off to disable fugg
  •  /fugg on to enable fugg
  •  /fugg chat to toggle regular chatchannel functionality
  •  /fugg bn to toggle Battle.net whisper functionality

Translations don't work if itemlinks are part of a message.


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