Shield Maid

102,171 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 15, 2020 Game Version: 8.3.0


Shield Maid is a tracker for the two Warrior abilities Ignore Pain and Shield Block. The addon helps decide what ability gives you the best mitigation for your rage points.

The addon adds an icon for each of the two abilities. The icons mimic buttons in indicating whether you have enough rage for each ability. When active, the icons show remaining duration for the buffs. The Ignore Pain icon shows remaining absorb value and the Shield Block icon shows total damage absorbed for the duration of the buff.

Mitigation estimates

The addon calculates the estimated value of Ignore Pain if cast, by looking at your current rage, Attack Power and Versatility levels. The addon also keeps track of incoming, blockable, damage and uses this information to estimate how much your Shield Block ability will mitigate if activated.

The most feasible ability is highlighted with a glow to make it easy to choose where to spend your rage.

NB: When comparing estimated mitigation values, the estimated Ignore Pain value at 60 rage is compared to the estimated mitigation from block (including critical blocks) of the last 6 seconds of incoming damage. This means that the Ignore Pain icon will glow even though the estimated Ignore Pain value is less than the estimated Shield Block value if the mitigation to rage ratio is higher for Ignore Pain.

Learning which spells are blockable

There is no exact way to determine wether or not an incoming attack is blockable before you actually block it. The addon remembers each spell you block and uses the information in future predictions. This approach also means that the addon will not interpret a spell as being unblockable until you have blocked it once.


In-game configuration available via the /sm or /shieldmaid commands:

  • help - Displays the available commands.
  • reset - Resets to the default settings.
  • lock - Locks the icons.
  • unlock - Unlocks the icons for dragging.
  • size <pixels> - Sets the width and height of the icons in pixels.
  • scale <number> - Sets the scale of the icons.
  • margin <pixels> - Sets the margin on the icons, e.g. the width of the transparent black border.
  • hiddenOutOfCombat true/false - Sets a value indicating whether the icons should be hidden when out of combat.
  • secondaryBarrier true/false - Sets a value indicating whether Ignore Pain's icon will display the value of follow up Ignore Pains while the buff is currently active. 
  • showFrames true/false - Sets a value indicating whether the icon texture frames should be shown.
  • showGlow true/false - Sets a value indicating whether to show the glow.
  • showCooldown true/false - Sets a value indicating whether to show the classic cooldown "clock" on icons.
  • truncatedNumbers true/false - Sets a value indicating whether numbers will be truncated to 1 decimal.

Some configuration variables can still only be adjusted in the Config.lua file.


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