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Sell junk grey items in a single click.

The Sell Grey button appears on the merchant panel and simply sells everything you have in your inventory that is grey. The junk in your bags is not the only thing this add-on does away with. It doesn't automatically sell all of your items when you open the merchant window. This lets you control win you sell your items. There is also no complex configurations for selling grey items. You click the button and they are gone. You get a nice summary of each sale to the vendor and a grand total of all that wonderful gold you just earned from your junk grey items.

Be warned... no configuration means it sells everything. Even if you meant to keep something for vanity it's going to get sold to the vendor. You can always buy back the last 12 items and the items are sold from the first back to the last, first slot to the last slot.

I hope you enjoy Sell Grey. If you feel like letting me know, just leave a comment below. Click favorite and tell your friends about Sell Grey.


[Sell Grey Button] Clicking this button will sell ALL poor quality item in your bags with no configurations.
In an effort to return to the original goals this version of Sell Grey no longer offers extra list/buy options for limited items. There is no complex configuration and no plans to add exceptions at this time. A new project will be created to handle more advanced features in the near future.
My Project is not inactive, there simply are no updates at this time.