Scale UI Font


This small addon is design to improve the readability of the user interface by adjusting the size of the text/font. It is essentially an accessibility feature.

The addon is designed so that the different font ratios present in the user interface are maintained (i.e., bigger text such as zone text will still be proportionally bigger weather you increase or decrease the text size)

This addon only affect the text. Other elements of the UI are not affected (e.g., the character sheet will still have the same size). 

Note that all the texts/fonts are resized.

It is technically possible to independently resize different texts and/or exclude certain elements of the UI. However this is not part of the scope of this addon.  

How to use it? 

Type /sfont in the chat followed by the desired text size (e.g., /sfont 10,  /sfont 22, etc.).

By default the UI uses a text size of 12. Therefore any number higher than 12 will enlarge the UI text and any number lower than 12 will shrink it.