This addon shows tiny bar with equipped runes or empty rune slots (for Season of discovery)



  • Rune tooltips on mouseover
  • Animated icon for empty slots that is (almost) not annoying. And more beatiful since v0.1
  • Opens rune selection bar on click
  • Left click rune slot to fast engrave equipped item (see additional checkbox in settings) or right click to engrave item in the bag
  • Bar can be dragged around using right mouse button and position locked
  • Icon size can be changed in options
  • Tooltip positions can be changed in options
  • Vertical, horizontal and squar-ish layouts can be set options
  • Engrave bar can be repositioned in options

Use addon option panel or middle click or /rb to open options

Use /rb reset to do a hard reset in case something went horribly wrong

!!! With phase 2 addon may throw errors in some cases, but still works normally. Planning to fix that later.

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