Lightweight draggable bar for quick markings in parties and raids.


Markbar fresh look

 Default theme all features


Bar only

Black Alpha theme bar and cog on



  • Draggable and lockable mark bar (drag using right mouse button)
  • Readycheck button
  • Announce assignments button, which will text to chat what does those marks mean (can be edited in settings)
  • Custom bar scaling via options menu
  • Bar fadeout via options menu
  • Use middle click on mark button to fast- include\exclude it from from announce list
  • Layouts "Horizontal", "Vertical"
  • Bar themes: Default, No background, Black, Black Alpha
  • Button that are not used can be hidden in menu


"/mm" - to open settings or use ESC -> Addons -> Mark Me or click tiny cog on a bar

"/mm reset" - to reset all settings and bar position 


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