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378,148 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 15, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.0

My brother and myself aren’t playing anymore.

Because of that, we can’t update anymore this addon as we can’t test it anymore ever…

If someone it willing to maintain it, I will be happy to give him access to the repository.

You can contact me using Discord: Eldarion#6975


You can help us with localizations by going there : RotationBuilder Localization page. Be careful when translating phrases from the overview interface : rotations localizations are too big to be shown properly in it. You will have to edit them individually.

Rotation Builder allows you to build rotations dynamically without having to understand the Lua script language. The built rotation then displays the current action and the next action on your screen to tell you what to push next. Actions can be heavily customized with the General, Player, Target, and Pet tabs. The priority of actions can also be changed dynamically just by clicking the up and down arrows next to the action name in the Action list.


  • Default rotation for all classes and specializations
  • Automatic upate of default rotations
  • A way to create your own rotations
  • Import/Export of rotations
  • A way to create your own default rotation as an addon for RotationBuilder (see the tutorial)

Included Rotations in the latest release version:

  • 8.0.1 DRUID
  • 8.0.1 HUNTER
  • 8.0.1 MAGE
  • 8.0.1 PALADIN
  • 8.0.1 PRIEST
  • 8.0.1 ROGUE
  • 8.0.1 SHAMAN
  • 8.0.1 WARLOCK
  • 8.0.1 WARRIOR
  • 8.0.1 MONK
  • 8.0.1 DEMON HUNTER

To load the latest rotation just click on the options tab in the top left and click the LOAD button. The latest version of the rotations will be imported. You will have to delete old default rotations before. Though after that default rotation should be from now on auto-updated on login if there is an update

How to build a rotation:

  1. Open your blizzard key-binds window and scroll down to find Rotation Builders key-binds
  2. Show the rotation builder window with /rob show or using the mini-map button
  3. Default rotations should be provided for your class under the Rotation Name box in
    the upper left.
  4. You can modify an existing rotation by left clicking on it or creating a new one with the
    create button.
  5. Once you have the rotation selected click the modify button to go into the edit mode.
  6. Once you are in edit mode you can change the rotation name and edit/add/re-arrange Actions.
  7. To select a Action just left click the action name in the top right Action list box.
  8. All the options for the selected action are in the tabs below General, Player, Target, Pet
    If you mouse-over each option it will tell you what it does.
  9. Once you are done editing your Actions and Rotation click the Save button.
  10. You can close the rotation window now
  11. At this point you should have two icons displayed from your rotation. The top one is the
    current action and the bottom one is the next action.


  • Q: Why did i loose the rotation i made when updating the addon?
    A: You probably edited the default rotation associated with your spec but the thing is those default rotations are auto-updated when a newer version is available thus you're loosing all those changes you made. To not loose your personalized rotation you should edit said rotation and change it's name to save it under another name. This way it won't be part of the auto-update process.


  • Q: Why is my Spell X not working?
    A: Unless a big red X is displayed next to the name/id then the spell has been found by rotation builder. If not the name is either misspelled or the id is wrong. If it is found then you can

    1. edit your rotation and click on the General tab of the action that is not working.
    2. Click the Debug check box on the far right for that action.
    3. Save the rotation.
    4. Go through your rotation until you hit your action that is not working. Alternatively you can check the disable check box for all other actions so that only this one remain active making it much faster unless it has some other conditions requiring the use of other actions beforehand.
    5. The chat window will have a message telling you why the action is not displaying.
    6. For example. If it says NOT showing A: youractionname S: spellname because its out of
    range then that means you are checking range and you are not in the spell range.


  • Q: Debug says X does not have buffs or debuffs?
    A: You're more often that not better off using spellIDs instead of the names especially since there are often multiple versions of a spell with the same name and rotation builder can't tell which you're tring to use while the ID is unique.


  • Q: How do I get rid of an existing rotation so I can import a rotation with the same name?
    A: You have two options:
    1. Delete the rotation with the same name.
    2. Modify the rotation blocking the import.
    Rename the rotation to something else.
    Click Save.
    Delete the old copy of the rotation.
    Reclick Import or reclick the LOAD button.


  • Q: Why is the next action showing spells ready when they are not ready?
    A: The next action try to calculate the ressources that'll be available withing the next GCD + changes brought by the current action. Unfortunately it is still far from perfect and perfection is probably unreachable since we can't predict procs. It has it's uses especially when it's showing off cooldown spells that are off the GCD but more often that not you'll probably just be relying on the current action display. You might still have to wait a little to have the correct current action though if you just casted a spell and it hasn't reached the target yet and you know that said spell will do something that'll enable you to use another spell.


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