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Dec 20, 2006

Owner: Hawksy

Recap records damage, healing, and other combat-related events in the area around the player. Recap tracks buffs, debuffs, and the use of abilities.

  • When installing Recap, please first remove any existing Recap folder from your "World of Warcraft/Interface/AddOns" folder.
  • If experiencing problems with Recap, sometimes it is a bug, and sometimes your saved variables file may be damaged. It is always worth seeing whether removing the saved variables file fixes the problem. To do that, exit the game and go into your "World of Warcraft/WTF/Account/<account_name>/SavedVariables" folder and remove the "Recap.lua" and "Recap.lua.bak" files. There are also per-character saved variables files in the ".../<account_name>/<server_name>/<character_name>/SavedVariables" folders.
  • If you believe that Recap is properly installed and enabled, but you can't see the Recap main panel, try typing "/recap". If that doesn't work try typing "/recap centre" (or "/recap center").

QUICK START GUIDE: If you are new to Recap, or wish a quick overview, check out Recap_Quick_Start.rtf. This file is inside the Docs folder inside the Recap folder.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: If you wish more detailed information, check out readme_FAQ.txt for all of the features I have added or modified. For answers about earlier (and possibly obsolete) features of Recap prior to version 3.50, check out readme_332_FAQ.txt by Gello. These files are inside the Docs folder inside the Recap folder.

REPORTING A BUG: Please use: for bug reports.

MAKING A SUGGESTION: Please use: to make a suggestion!


__ New in 4.94 __
* Popup panel improvements completed.
* Timeout error chance greatly reduced.
* Fixes.


New in 4.931

  • Some improvements to popup panel.
  • Fixes. 

New in 4.93

  • Assorted fixes.
  • Updated for patch 7.3.

 New in 4.92

  • Fixes.
  • Updated for patch 7.2.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1158) included.

New in 4.91

  • Fixes.
  • Upgraded support for warning about too many combatants or too large data sets.
  • Removal of combatants who have no damage in, no damage out, and no healing out.
  • Adjustment to DPS per Gear calculations to give more equitable values.

New in 4.90

  • Fixes and tweaks.
  • Splitting large health numbers in saved data sets.

New in 4.89

  • Fixes.
  • Improved assignment of pets to owners.

New in 4.88

  • Fixes.
  • Allow user to set level for automatic saving of boss fights, at 'skull', 113+, or 112+, or 111+.
  • Code to handle SPELL_HEAL_ABSORBED, though to have it work for heals other than Renew it will need Blizzard to fix a combat event parameter.

New in 4.871

  • Fix to ignore SPELL_HEAL_ABSORBED until I can figure out what to do with it.

New in 4.87

  • Updated for patch 7.1.
  • Automatic saving of data sets adds level 112 mobs to 'skull' mobs.

New in 4.86

  • Fix to handle warlock Soul Effigy.
  • Added Legion combat allies to the player (experimental).
  • Modification to add commas to large numbers.

New in 4.85

  • Added code to handle shaman Stormlash, paladin Blessing of Might, and monk Storm, Earth, and Fire.

New in 4.84

  • Fix interface number.

New in 4.83

  • Fix two power names for demon hunter.

New in 4.82

  • Updated for patch 7.0.3.
  • Various fixes and modifications.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1151) included.
  • LibBodyguard included.

New in 4.81

  • Updated for patch 6.2.0.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1134) included.

New in 4.80

  • Updated for patch 6.1.0.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1128) included.

New in 4.795

  • Bug fix, new code for SPELL_ABSORBED event.

New in 4.793

  • Minor updates.

New in 4.792

  • Added support for tracking multi-strike events.
  • Bug fixes.

New in 4.78

  • Updated for patch 6.0.2.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1122) included.

New in 4.77

  • Split fight save into phases, to reduce the likelihood of addon timeout limits.
  • Added 'per second' values as menu choices for the 'total' column on the Outgoing and Incoming tabs on the Details panel.
  • Special code for Mirror Image, Soul Link, Death Pact, Spirit Link, Cauterize Master, and Swarming Shadows spells.
  • Added option to start and end fights based on Blizzard encounters only. This option is currently NOT RECOMMENDED, because the encounter events issued by Blizzard are quite inconsistent.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1109) included.

New in 4.763

  • To persuade Curse to reset itself to 5.4.2. No code changes.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1104) included.

New in 4.76

  • Updated for patch 5.4.
  • Removed support for legacy data sets earlier than version 4.28 (May 2009).
  • Changes to Load Data Set so it is less likely to run out of time if clicked during combat.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1098) included.

New in 4.75

  • Added posting to BNET whispers and conversations.
  • Wider fields in many windows.
  • Splitting large numbers in saved data sets.
  • Click the "Events", "Dispels & Interrupts", "Deaths", or "Live Graph & Text" button to close the corresponding panel if it is open.
  • Increase Source and Target scroll boxes on popup panel from 15 to 25 lines.
  • Added Interrupts column to main panel.
  • Changed code for combat log event format for absorptions.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Special mention of assistance by coani with in-game testing.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1086) included.

New in 4.71

  • Updated for patch 5.1.
  • Bug fix.

New in betas 4.700 through 4.709

  • Updated for patch 5.05.
  • For main and load panels, normal behaviour when shift+clicking a column header is to post only friendly combatants. New ability when holding down Alt (Option) while shift+clicking posts only non-friendly combatants.
  • For main and load panels, ability to shift+click the name column.
  • For Incoming and Outgoing Details panels, ability to limit display to damage only or healing only.
  • Partial fix for new miss type 'misfire', which will be treated as a simple 'miss' until someone takes over who can test changes properly.
  • Registered UNIT_PET event.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1061) included.

New in 4.652

  • Fix the bug where Shaman Totems doesn't merge damage with owner.

New in 4.65

  • Updated for patch 4.2.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r1032) included.

New in 4.63

  • Working for patch 4.1

New in 4.62

  • Note that combat log events do not give much help for attributing damage done by Shadowy Apparitions properly to all shadow priests.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r981) included.

New in 4.61

  • Bug fixes.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r971) included.

New in 4.60

  • Updated for patch 4.0.1.
  • Bug fixes.
  • New code for shields, removes existing special case code and uses Blizzard's new "shield remaining" numbers.
  • Six modules from Ace3 (r960) included.

For descriptions of what was new for versions from 4.60 onwards, see the file readme.txt.

For descriptions of what was new for versions 3.50 through 3.77, and for versions 4.00 through 4.55, see the file readme_455.txt.

Version 3.50 was initially uploaded by Hawksy on 2006-December-20

Recap up to version 3.32 was developed by Gello.


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