Reagent Recipes Classic

25,991 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 9, 2021 Game Version: 2.5.2  

This addon lists the recipes for any reagent you hover over if any of your characters know the recipe.  It also shows the recipe in color so you know the difficulty.  The number to the right is the quantity of the reagent that is needed for the recipe.

NOTE:  To show which alts know a recipe you must first open the tradeskill window for that profession so it can load your known recipes. 


This now shows all TBC! recipes (including Enchanting) even if your alts don't know the recipe.  

Now adds a tooltip line that lists reagents and quantities if the moused-over item is crafted.


SHIFT (when Hot Keys are disabled) before showing a tooltip will hide the list of recipes if they are in your way

SHIFT (when Hot Keys are enabled) will show only your current character's known recipes in the tooltip

ALT (when Hot Keys are enabled) will show only your alts' known recipes in the tooltip

CTRL (when Hot Keys are enabled) will shown only unknown recipes in the tooltip

When Hot Keys are enabled no recipe info will show in the tooltip unless you hold down a hot key.


Interface Options:

--adjust the maximum number of recipes listed in the tooltip

--turn on and off listing Unknown recipes

--turn on and off the tree structure

--set minimum level for difficulty

--turn on and off showing alts

--turn on and off Hot Keys

--turn on and off showing the reagents and quantities for crafted items

--/RRC on and /RRC off will turn on/off all tooltips from the addon


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