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Profession Leveling Guide


PLG ~ An in-game guide for leveling your professions quickly


The general idea for recipes to use came from wow-professions.com


Features include:

~Gives you training and trainer locations

  • ~Main and possible alternative recipe for each stage of leveling
  • ~"Up Next" recipe so you know what mats you'll need soon
  • ~Remaining materials calculator to help you gauge what's needed to get to the next level
  • ~Integration with TomTom to locate trainers in your zone
  • ~Automatically picks the correct recipe from your training window
  • ~Gives you quests and vendor-sold recipes
  • Note: It does integrate with TSM but is a little touchy on toggling on and off windows



Added a command to toggle on and off the tooltips that show what guide the reagent is used in.  Toggle this with /plg tt

Can move/lock PLG window

There's a new "Always Open" checkbox on the PLG window.  Turning this checkbox off will prevent the PLG window from opening for this profession and this character.  To turn it back on, type "/plg" on the command line when you have your tradeskill window open.  Then check the box again if you want it to always open.

There's a way to level cooking and fishing together.  It may not be pretty.  If you want to try it, type "/plg fish" on the command line.  You'll see a message telling you whether you are cooking and fishing or just cooking.  When you are cooking and fishing the recipe progression is different.  To see advice on what/where/how far to fish, click on the alternate recipe in the window.  There is no separate Fishing PLG window.  If you try it, let me know how it goes.



Attempted to provide translation for profession names.  Please comment if you get a blank guide for a profession -- probably means translation is wrong.