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RCLootCouncil - ExtraUtilities

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A module adding Extra Utilities for RCLootCouncil!

Take a look at the Extra Utilities options menu ("/rc eu") and choose which features you want enabled. Nothing's changed just by installing it, except it allows other councilmen to see your stats for their respective chosen columns. In case it isn't clear, this module won't work without RCLootCouncil. Also, please bear in mind that it's still in beta.


From v0.10.0 this project also contains a Classic version. Some content not fit for Classic is removed while others have been added.

As I don't play Classic I haven't been able to do a full scale test. While I expect everything to work fine, I'm very worried about the extra data this addon sends during raids.

I've seen reports indicating the comms system is already at its limit resulting in very noticeable slow downs during loot sessions. This addon will only make it worse! 


At this point I'd recommend against having all 40 people installing this module, and only use it if you're in need of the column changing features as a council member. You have been warned.


New columns

Note it's only possible to show the actual stats from people who've installed ExtraUtilities as those are not available in RCLootCouncil


Calculates a Pawn score based on the candidates' class and spec. Requires Pawn. More info below.

Artifact Traits
Shows the level of the candidates' Heart of Azeroth. 

Shows the number of sockets in the candidate's gear.

Shows the number of Warforged/Titanforged pieces the candidate currently has equipped. 

Spec Icon
Shows the candidates' spec as an icon.

Bonus Roll
Shows the result of the candidates' bonus roll, if any.

Guild Note
Shows the candidates' guild- and officer note if available and accessible.

EP, GP and PR
Requires EPGP. Shows the candidates' EP, GP and PR values as gathered from EPGP. Note this only displays those values for evaluation purposes.

Removed in v0.6.0 - use RCLootCouncil - EPGP instead.


Pawn Options

The Pawn options are enabled if you have Pawn installed. In here you can control which scale to use for each spec (they all default to Pawn's AskMrRobot scales). Note that personal default scales might not show up in the lists. If they don't, simply make a copy of that scale in Pawn ("/pawn" -> Scale tab -> Manual -> Copy).


Accept Pawn

By default ExtraUtilities gathers item scores from other candidates using their own scales. These are still forced normalized for fair comparisons. You can disable this behavior if you want to specify the scales for every specialisation. Do note everyone still needs ExtraUtilities installed to calculate scores, as it still relies on some other data from the candidates. 


Percentage Mode

By default all Pawn calculations are shown as percentage upgrades, based on the lowest ilevel item if a looted item can go into multiple slots. You can change this behavior in the options menu if you prefer the raw scores. 


Other additions

  • Option to remove some of the existing RCLootCouncil columns.
  • More precise ilvls.
  • Editing column widths and positions.
  • Option to save bonus rolls to the RCLootCouncil Loot History.
  • Spec inspect. Player specializations can be gathered automatically. This allows the spec and Pawn columns to show up for people that doesn't have ExtraUtilities installed. This is somewhat slow and unreliable - the best results still requires everyone to install ExtraUtilities.



  • Auto setup of currently used Pawn scales.
  • Feel free to make a suggestion.