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Ranker: your helper through the Classic Era PvP honor system

  • With the 1.14.4 Classic Era patch, honor gets converted to contribution points based on a curve.
  • We know that the maximum amount of contribution points gets awarded to obtaining 500,000 honor at the highest rank.
  • The details and math behind the full conversion curve well understood by now.
  • Rank predictions by Ranker are accurate within +-0.20% (a Blizzard bug since at least 2019).
  • Download and use it, and tell your friends to use it too!


  • Open the honor pane and click the Show Ranker button on the top, or use the /rank or /ranker commands, and see what your predicted rank and progress will be after the weekly reset.
  • The user interface is compatible with the default Blizzard UI and with ElvUI, and can shown or hidden by using a button on top of your Honor pane (default key binding H).
  • You can configure whether or not you want the Ranker pane to automatically show when the Honor pane is shown. Go to the addon configuration directly by using the /ranker config command.
  • Define your objective rank and your honor limit, or use the defaults (rank 14 and 500k honor).
  • Understand how much you can progress based on how much honor is required for each progression point.
  • Understand how much honor is needed to avoid decay (if you have any progress in your current rank and lack enough honor to prevent decay)
  • View a simple path to your objective rank, taking into account your current honor, and your honor limit.
  • Enable "what if" scenario modeling to understand what your path would look like if you were a specific rank and progress. Type in a number between 0.00% and 99.99%, or use the up/down and left/right to change the number by 0.01 or by 1.00 increments. Click the button again, or close and open the pane, to revert back to your current situation.
  • Automatically share your own ranking data when grouped, with your guild members, and with players near you.
  • Know when a new version is available through an in-game version check.
  • Delete data points that are no longer useful with the /ranker prune command . This will delete any data recorded before September 5th, the week when Blizzard changed how they reward points to prevent rank manipulation through dishonorable kills.

What's coming

  • The rank predictions will stay accurate over time, as more data is known and exchanged.
  • Let me know through comments or private messages what else you'd like to see this addon do for you.